Sometimes you feel like a nut…………sometimes you don’t, same with our dogs.

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut Sometimes You Don’t…………What???… in snow
It’s true, some days I feel playful and energetic while others I don’t. The same goes for our dogs, especially as they get older. My dog Blossom is not playful with other dogs now that she is 7 years old but as a pup she played chase and wrestled with others almost daily. I like a dog with a good sense of humor and I really believe that they do have one. What I do to encourage silly, fun behaviour is laugh at her and give her good positive feedback when she is acting this way. It is fun to share a laugh with our dogs and keeps us happy being together. I work on tricks with Blossom as well as play games with her. When we go out, I can just throw balls or walk if I am feeling low energy, but the days that I am feeling a bit more frisky, we run together and jump and chase and well, you get the idea. So, don’t take your dog out thinking, ugh, another walk, have fun, play games, teach tricks and laugh together! I can’t think of a better way to strengthen a relationship.