Private Sessions

Since 1998 Hot Diggity Dogs has offered group and private dog training sessions. Group classes are fine if your pup needs continued socialization and to learn basic obedience skills, but some dogs don’t do well in a group environment. For this we offer private instruction for clients who require focused, one on one work, client’s whose dogs have trouble learning in a class environment, or for clients who cannot make it to classes due to scheduling or family constraints.

We recommend private lesson instruction for the following issues: dog to dog aggression, dog to human aggression, jumping up on people, barking, fearfulness, separation anxiety, resource guarding, mouthing and biting, house training (puppy or adult dog), extreme leash pulling and inattention, and/ or running away.

Cost for the first consultation, including a plan and exercises to work on: $110.00 plus gst

* A charge of $30 per half hour for over allotted time

* Travel fee may apply for private in-home sessions beyond a 10 km radius from Victoria





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