About Donna

Donna HallI’m now back in my home town of Victoria! It’s good to be back meeting new dogs and their owners. I am currently teaching group classes at Mr.Pets in the Tillicum Mall. Private consultations for behaviour modification or obedience are available through out the week.

Dogs have been a part of my family as long as I can remember, and I’ve always felt passionate about them. We always had three dogs, and though good dogs, they were not trained. Upon rescuing my first 6 month old puppy in my adult years and using punishment-based training and seeing how it affected our relationship (negatively), I then became fascinated by positive-based training where you reward the dog for the correct behaviour vs. punishing the incorrect behaviour. Come in and learn how to train your dog without using force!

In 1998, I started Hot Diggity Dogs Services, offering dog training and dog walking. Within a year I added a doggy daycare to my services. Even though the daycare and walking services were successful, I no longer found time to work with the dogs, which was my sole purpose. I closed the daycare and sold the walking services. I am now focusing exclusively on obedience training and behaviour for dog owners in Victoria BC. This has also freed up time for me to continue with my education.

Donna HallJune 2018 I attended the SPCA Animal Behaviour Science Symposium with guest speak Chigag Patel. Oct.26/27 2016 I had the pleasure of attending a Ken Ramirez seminar at SFU.  Visit Ken on his web site and learn more: www.kenramireztraining.com In 2011, I attended The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference in San Diego in October and I got a chance to meet my favorite (and the favourite of many others) dog trainer, behaviourist, breeder Suzanne Clothier. I also had a chance to speak with Dr. Sophia Yin, Nicole Wilde, Gail Fisher and Dr. Ian Dunbar, how fortunate I am. The highlight for me was having dinner with Emily Larlham and Pamela Johnson, two of the best clicker trainers out there!

Over the years I have attended many conferences with APDT and CAPPDT as well as seminars by: Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Sue Sternberg, Pat Miller, Nicole Wilde, Suzanne Clothier and many more! I am a founding member of The Vancouver Professional Dog Walkers Alliance and a current member of Truly Dog Friendly and a charter member of The Pet Professional Guild. I hold pet first aid certification and received my certificate as a dog obedience instructor in 1998. I am also available to speak at seminars in the Victoria BC area.