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Dog Days Of Spring

Dog Days of Spring in Vancouver
IMG_0648So, it rains a bit here in Vancouver, BC, but the rewards of the rain are so beneficial. We have the North Shore Mountains with plenty of beautiful streams and trails, the beaches, Pacific Spirit Park, the Fraser River as well as many off leash dog parks. Much of this is dog friendly and with the huge population of dogs in the lower mainland, we are very lucky to have so much. So back to the rain part; the rain keeps everything green year round and the air is less polluted but another bonus is that when it rains you can take your dog to Spanish Banks and let them swim. Or as the spring and summer months approach take them out onto the low tides. If you haven’t taken your dog to Spanish Banks, it is at the very end of N.W. Marine Dr. You drive past Locarno Beach, Jericho Beach and as you pass the last concession stand there are three parking lots to park in. Signs are posted to where you can take your dog off leash. There is a large open field which is very close to the road, so please do be extra careful when letting your dog out of the car. The field can be quite muddy in the rainy months but you can avoid it by walking on a path or wear gumboots! Your dogs won’t mind. Tides are high in the fall and winter and get lower in the spring and summer. It is so fantastic to take your dogs out onto the sand and let them just run! They can wade in the tidal pools as you look at the city and mountains from out in the sand. There is a lot of natural wild life with Hawks and Eagles as well as Seals and Otters. A website that I go to and check to see if the tides are low is: then I write on my daily planner which days are low to remind myself to go and take advantage of the low tides.
Plan to pack a picnic and take it out to the edge of the shoreline, if you walk out to the end of it, there are sandbars to set up camp on. Beware though that when the tide starts to come in, it comes in fast. Something else that is incredible, is that the Canyon Trails of Pacific Spirit Park are just across the road, so you can take your dog for a small hike as well. Can you say lucky?!
Parking can be difficult on weekends so get there early or go in the later part of the day.
So get out there and enjoy your time with your four legged furry friend or friends and maybe we’ll see each other on the beach!