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Teaching Through Play

Let's Go For A Walk!

One of the things that I love to do with the dogs is teach through play. I will play tug to work on: fetch, drop it, take it, leave it and of course no teeth on skin.

This is one of my all time favorites because the dog is aroused and has to learn to have a shut off switch in order to get the toy back. No follow through on the dogs part means the game ends and I walk away or if there are any teeth on skin I will yipe and withhold all play for several seconds and try again. This means no jumping on me in between or the game ends. When I reintroduce the tug toy to play again I will continue to play as long as no teeth touch me. If they do the game ends for good this time. Playing with your dog and teaching at the same time are very bonding and can be lots of fun for both of you. By making fun a part of everything you do, your dog will want to be around you more then many other distractions.